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Would a search on “vintage cars for sale” also include “old muscle cars,” as well? The answer is not necessarily. white chevrolette corvette|old muscle carToday, you would have to dig much deeper to find one of the few high powered classic old muscle cars that still manages to hold onto its claim to traditional fame here in the USA.  Meaning, to find the likes of a classic Pontiac GTO,  Plymouth Barracuda, or even the treasured Chevy Camaro. you may want to get prepared to search hard and long… plus pay a dear price once you find any old muscle cars that remains in superb condition. Especially Lamborghini and Corvettes.

In spite of such enormous costs today, there was a time when muscle cars were dirt cheap. Yet, that is only because of their intentionally lessened power. It so happens that, during the early 1970’s, environmental protection agencies in America enforced much more strict guidelines. In regards to emission standards, for example, old muscle car makers had to sacrifice high performance in lieu of governmental stipulations.

This basically caused most of the old muscle cars to become little more than conversational glamour pieces — machines that looked hot on the outside, but surely began to lack the expected punch of a standard muscle car.

Yet, when one’s mind remains set upon ownership of the best old muscle car to be found, there is a highly cherished vehicle whose reputation still stands high in the old muscle car hall of fame. Would you like to take one good guess on which old muscle car this might be?  Yes, it is the old Chevrolet Corvette. The term “holy grail” often comes to the minds of many, at the mere mention of these classic old muscle cars. Only once, however, it is said by conventional car aficionados, that Chevy made a Corvette model which was less finely engineered than the premium ones which were usually produced.  Yet, other than that one, temporary 1980 “Vette” mistake,” the  Chevy Corvette still rocks in the hearts and minds of old muscle car lovers.

In a nutshell, old muscle cars managed to sustain such vivid American emotional and mental preoccupation, especially because they:

— Possessed the most unique body styles for branding in the eyes of worldwide consumers;

— Dominated the roadways as iconic examples with only two doors and rear-wheel drive;

— Featured high cubic engine horsepower in the upper “300” ranges.

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